More Of God…Less Of Me <3

  "In those periods of despair, I had to choose to believe God and trust in his promises, rather than trusting my feelings."   As a young adult in the ministry, when I see other men and women on fire for the things of God, it makes me want to seek and go after Him [...]

The Heart Of True Repentance.

" Repentance doesn't mean anything if you keep doing what you're sorry for" "We sin. We don't repent. We continue to sin. We aren't grateful for our blessings. Then we get confused when our prayers go unanswered" How many times a day do you repent? Do you find yourself repenting for the same sin? Are you [...]

Let God Write Your Love Story <3

       "Allow God to be the matchmaker of your life because your feelings could fool you." When God sends you the man you're called to be with... you will know. This man will speak not your flesh, but to your spirit. You will experience something with him that you have never experienced before. [...]

Let Go & Let God: Forgiveness is the final form of LOVE <3

                 " I sat there, lost and cold because I was betrayed by the one person I didn't  expect to hurt me. I wanted to erase the memory but that's unrealistic; then, a magic moment happened. I forgave them. Even though it hurt like hell, forgiveness brought me [...]

He Said…She Said…

He Said…She Said…

  Ephesians 4:29 ;Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers. What is Gossip?  Gossip is defined as : casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being [...]