Grace, Love and Purpose is a platform where I am able to reach souls and spread the Love of God to the world. I have a passion to help, mentor, guide individuals into greatness, achieve what they thought could not be achieved, to uplift those who are ready to throw in the towel. We all go through different trials and I am here as a testament that you can overcome ANYTHING! Nothing is to difficult for God we just need to get to a place where we have our ears  open to what God is saying to us. When I say ear’s I am not just speaking of the ears that are on the side of  our heads but the ear of our heart as well. I believe that God has things for me to share with the world pertaining to Life and Living it more abundantly, and I am ready to share with the world what God gives me. I want to be transparent and let you guys into my life and see what I’ve been through and how I overcame. SO BUCKLE UP…GET READY.. AND JOIN ME ON THIS JOURNEY OF GRACE,LOVE AND PURPOSE! ❤