Join me on my journey to fulfill my Purpose of Grace and Love! I hope your time  is enjoyable. I hope that I am able to Inspire, Encourage and be able to reach people from all walks of life. I am excited to have this platform so I can share the Love of God, Wisdom, Knowledge, and be able to connect with each and every one of you! I will be sharing Testimonies, Giving Advice (Q&A’s), and touching on different topics such as Love, Relationships/Friendships, Loving Yourself, Walking with God, Overcoming Obstacles ect. I will insert Biblical text  to back up things that are discussed ( Must be able to back myself up with the Word of God) . Once again Thank You to everyone who is reading my posts, I pray that this will compel and have an impact on your lives.  I hope everyone enjoys what they read and please share with friends and family ❤

I Love You Guys***

~Zalia Monteiro


2 thoughts on “Hello!

    1. Thank You so much for those words of encouragement. I appreciate your support and just taking the time out to check out my blog/ posts. I pray you are blessed by what you read ❤ Thank you once again for your support means a lot. =) ❤


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